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Added by keat123
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Hello viewer! Are you looking for an impersonal laggy chat flooded server where you have to travel 10,000 blocks or more just to find an area that LOOKS like no one has been there before, but you get griefed only minutes later? Well this isn't the server for you! Plasmic Derples is starting out a small server, and hopefully staying small for the continuity of the server's lifespan. There is a whitelist currently that will be removed once we finish getting everything set up, like spawn to name one. So if you are interested in joining, just leave a comment, or reply, or whatever it's called on this website, saying you why you would like to join the server. Drink responsibly!

IP Year / Month / Day Hour / Minute / Second
93.193.***.*** 2021.04.20 09:36:39
65.32.***.*** 2021.04.13 01:14:27
159.180.***.*** 2021.03.29 02:13:49
31.53.***.*** 2021.01.11 05:10:27
5.80.***.*** 2021.01.11 04:59:45
173.31.***.*** 2016.04.07 01:42:44
27.109.***.*** 2016.03.24 12:29:59
5.71.***.*** 2016.03.14 03:10:08
98.116.***.*** 2016.03.06 06:46:48
77.38.***.*** 2016.03.02 07:15:09
24.31.***.*** 2015.10.26 07:00:56
84.161.***.*** 2015.10.25 07:42:25
86.15.***.*** 2015.10.25 05:00:57
172.78.***.*** 2015.10.16 05:56:20
73.45.***.*** 2015.10.13 06:21:47
104.235.***.*** 2015.10.09 05:24:57
73.45.***.*** 2015.10.07 04:07:18

Comments (33)

Comment by: PluckSludge
I would like to join your server because I just want to have a bit of fun. My Minecraft username is: PluckSludge My skype username is: live:jacob.steel
Comment by: AlphaNode
I would like to join this server so could I please be white listed? Username AlphaNode
Comment by: keat123
You guys are whitelisted. Have fun!
Comment by: SirNova
Username Sir_Nova_ Id really like to join! Love rp like getting into the game and would love to join
Comment by: zeze101
id really like to join i love playing in small communities and the last server i was on got abandoned so im looking for a new main ign: river_rider
Comment by: zeze101
oops i messed up on my ign sorry its rivet_rider lol
Comment by: keat123
Zeze, Nova, as well as AlphaNode and PluckSludge from previously, you're all whitelisted! Drink responsibly!
Comment by: Undead__Kronos
Hey I would love to join the server. My name is Undead__Kronos. (Double underscore) thank you!
Comment by: keat123
Adding you now Kronos.
Comment by: Owlcat
Hello, would love to join your server:) Untouched and lag free sounds wonderful.
Comment by: Owlcat
crap, I forgot my username. It's JuicyJellyfish
Comment by: keat123
Boom! Welcome to the server, Owlcat
Comment by: System_APCD
Hi, I would love to join your server small sounds nice :) I'm coming back after a long time away from minecraft..
Comment by: System_APCD
My name in game is Sistem_APCD
Comment by: keat123
Welcome aboard, Sistem_APCD! Just want to let everyone know, if you want a faster response to if you've been whitelisted, post your skype contact informations
Comment by: Ascension
Hello my man. My friends and I are looking for a crackpack server to play on and you seem friendly so wed like to join in! If you are ok with us becoming apart of your community then please whitelist. Ascension, Spicynoodles, and RoyalAnarchy
Comment by: keat123
You guys sound cool, just don't grief or steal, like everyone else, and you all should be fine. Welcome to the community Ascension, Spicynoodles, and RoyalAnarchy
Comment by: jardelo
Hello :-) I hope you still accept people if you do would you please consider me. Why do i want to join? well for the shear fact singleplayer and vanilla are boring as hell as you can probably understand
Comment by: keat123
Yep, still accepting. Since the system is annoying and doesn't show time stamps, the date this is being posted is 11/9/15. Welcome to the dark side jardelo. Would you like a cookie?
Comment by: Boons_McGee
Hi, My username is Boons_McGee and I want to join because I love modded minecraft and I want to try out this mudpack for the first time on a server.
Comment by: BarrrarN
Hi Me and some friend are trying to find a good Crack pack server and i wounder if you could let us play on yours? We are around 4-6 players dipend on how many of them how is gonna follow n the idea
Comment by: drbuttler
Hi! I would love to be able to play on your server! There aren't many good whitelisted ones left and love being able to build without fear!
Comment by: drakethejewishbanker
Hello! My name is JewishBankrDrake. I am looking for a decent modded survival server and this seems decent. I am tired of playing on so many faction PVP servers and would like I change. I hope I can get whitelisted (-:
Comment by: SaintAlias
Hey man I would love to join the server if you are still online. My profile is SaintAlias and my skype is senpai tom if you need to contact me about anything. I want to join because im tired of playing alone and would like a bit of competition
Comment by: cat_sniper_1410
hey dude i would love to join your server, i dont grief at all and im looking for a decient server i can play and have fun on. my mc username is cat_sniper_1410
Comment by: Alex_MackTruck
I would like to join your server. Alex_MackTruck username.
Comment by: DavidKim015980808
My username is David plz let me join
Comment by: FireStone2015
Is it possible this server still exists? If so I would love to join. My MC is FireStone2015 and I would love to find another community to play on! Thank you.
Comment by: casman091
hello I was wondering if I could be wightlisted on your server. I have been trying for a very long time to find a crackpack server that I can join in and play with others. it would be awesome if I could join. my user is casman091
Comment by: Lavity
Hey I was looking for a new server to play on and i was wondering if i could join my name is:Lavity
Comment by: ch33zytaco
hey! can i join the server? im just looking for a new one with friendly people because solo is getting lonely xD msg me on Skype: max.manser123 <--- really creative name right there. thanks!
Comment by:
Can I join my minecraft name is ninjanighthawk and here is my steam profile if you want to message me
Comment by: ANY_CloudTail07
Hello keat123 is this server still on whitelist if so i would like to join. my minecraft ign is ANY_CloudTail07 and if some kind of place where you can reach me is needed take my discord Sir Mr.Bot OwO#0088

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